Anand is the administrative centre of Anand district in the state of Gujarat. It is administrated by Anand Municipality and a part of the region known as Charotar comprising of Anand and Kheda district. Anand hosts AMUL, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation, National Dairy Development Board, Institute of Rural Management – Anand and Anand Agriculture University.

If Charotar is the land of beauty and prosperity, Anand, its heart, is the milk city, a growing city of robust and adventurous people. Considering education as the most effective tool for bringing about social changes, the enlightened members of Shri Ramkrishna Seva Mandal launched Anand Institute of Social Work, Anand in 1997.

The objective of the Institute is to train students in social work profession which has been even more relevant in the current times who are serving the people of the State and the Nation in different capacities. Development has claimed its victims. Our lives have been prone to various natural and man-made disasters. To survive, sustain, grow and develop, it has become imperative to have professional education. The University Grants Commission while reframing the educational programme of social work profession states that curriculum activity for social work profession cannot be viewed in isolation as the goals of the profession are derived from social realities. The theories and concepts, support the understanding of the social phenomenon and work there-in. These include the level of development in the country, the condition and the activities of social systems – that is, all that happens to individuals, families, groups, communities and the services available to them to meet their basic needs. The professional values underline and serve to direct activities towards these goals.

Social work is a human service profession, which broadly intervenes for creation of equality, social justice and peace – values that are gaining greater relevance today. The humanistic orientation of the profession provides the learner with personally satisfying experiences so that there is personal and social growth. This is in coherence with our Vision.

The Institute has attractive campus, well-furnished class rooms with ergonomic seating arrangement along-with ICT facilities, well equipped library and a large playground. The location of the Institute is at a distance of 5 minute walk from the bus-station to facilitate the mobility of the students.

Anand Institute of Social Work is serving the developmental and educational needs of the students through offering Four self-financed programmes of generic nature viz. Bachelor of Social Work – B.S.W., Master of Social Work – M.S.W., Master of Social Work – Human Resource – M.S.W. (HR) and Ph.D. (Social Work). Our Institute is affiliated to Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

The Institute provides conducive, value based educational environment, gender and culture sensitive behaviour and positive attitude helping the students bloom their inherent potentials. Teaching fraternity has positive role to play in evolving the goals of current education policy and the young, dynamic faculty is really at a consensus in upholding the same spirit.


“The Institute shall be the enabler in the moulding of competent professionals, who besides being knowledgeable and skilled, shall be endowed with the highest standards of ethics and humanity.”


“To empower globally competitive professionals to cater to societal exigencies and thereby contributing to National peace, justice and development.”

Values that we abide by

Pursuit of Excellence

We are committed to striving for excellence in everything that we do by constantly looking for opportunities for improvement.

Commitment to Student Development

We are committed to developing and nurturing long lasting relationship with students by providing outstanding experience through classroom teaching and fieldwork.

Environment of Professional Growth

We are committed to creation of an environment where our young professionals are constantly challenged and enjoy both professional and personal growth.


We are committed in delivering innovative solutions to our target population that results in their sustained growth and capacity building.

Transparency & Integrity

We are committed to a culture of respecting honesty, openness, transparency and integrity in our day-to-day dealings.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to train responsible citizens and help in the development and growth of the communities.

Our Objectives

  • To educate and train change agents for generic practice with systems – clientele, action and target - in a varied and rapidly changing human services environment.
  • To engage in systematic knowledge building to enhance the quality of social work education and practice.
  • To conduct and disseminate research which contributes to the knowledge base for effective social work practice.
  • To provide social work services and learning experiences that benefit the vulnerable and marginalised communities to improve the quality of lives of the community by analyzing, formulating, and influencing social policies through education, fieldwork interventions, research, evaluation and advocacy.