Vision Mission

Vision & Mission

A vision statement focuses on tomorrow and what an organization wants to ultimately become. A mission statement focuses on today and what an organization does to achieve it

“The Institute shall be the enabler in the moulding of competent professionals, who besides being knowledgeable and skilled, shall be endowed with the highest standards of ethics and humanity.”

“To empower globally competitive professionals to cater to societal exigencies and thereby contributing to National peace, justice and development.”

  • Pursuit of Excellence

We are committed to striving for excellence in everything that we do by constantly looking for opportunities for improvement.

  • Commitment to Student Development

We are committed to developing and nurturing long lasting relationship with students by providing outstanding experience through classroom teaching and fieldwork.

  • Environment of Professional Growth

We are committed to creation of an environment where our young professionals are constantly challenged and enjoy both professional and personal growth.

  • Innovation

We are committed in delivering innovative solutions to our target population that results in their sustained growth and capacity building.

  • Transparency & Integrity

We are committed to a culture of respecting honesty, openness, transparency and integrity in our day-to-day dealings.

  • Social Responsibility

We are committed to train responsible citizens and help in the development and growth of the communities.


  • To educate and train change agents for generic practice with systems – clientele, action and target - in a varied and rapidly changing human services environment.
  • To engage in systematic knowledge building to enhance the quality of social work education and practice.
  • To conduct and disseminate research which contributes to the knowledge base for effective social work practice.
  • To provide social work services and learning experiences that benefit the vulnerable and marginalised communities to improve the quality of lives of the community by analyzing, formulating, and influencing social policies through education, fieldwork interventions, research, evaluation and advocacy.